The Confederation Debates

Project Lead: Colin Coates
Event A: Saturday, June 10, Provincial History Fair (Founders College, Assembly Hall), 11:45am
Event B: Friday, October 13, 150 Ideas that Shaped Canada Conference (Schulich Building, Executive Learning Centre), 5:00pm

The Confederation Debates project teaches Canadians to consider the establishment of provinces and Indigenous Treaties as equally important founding events that inform present-day relationships. For the first time, we are bringing together the provincial and federal legislative debates concerning each province’s entry into Confederation (1865-1949) as well as the Numbered Treaties (1871-1921) texts and negotiation records. The project democratizes access to these documents, puts them into dialogue with each other and with current debates, and reproduces small portions in various deliverables to encourage youth to engage future political challenges, promote diversity and inclusion, and support reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.